Pink Weeping Cherry with Philippians 4 vs 4, Deluxe Border Trim Poster, Scripture Photo, Blue Sky, Cirrus Clouds, Nature Photography, Kentucky Scene, Non-Matted Photo, Unframed Wall Art


Title: April Sky Deep Hues Deluxe Border with Philippians 4:4, Deluxe Border
Subject: Weeping Cherry Tree, Blue Sky, Cirrus Clouds
Location: Lexington, KY USA 

Scripture: KJV Bible

Border: Dark Blue & White
Style: Pictorialism (See Photo Terminology)
Category: Posters
Room Display Photo: Not to Scale
Size: Various

Aspect Ratio: See Below

30x40 Closeup: See Below
Format: Full View or Resized (See Aspect Ratio)
Photo Finish: Luster
Photo Border: Includes Deluxe Border as Shown
Paper: Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper
Printer: Professional USA Photo Lab
Mat: No
Framed: No

Certificate of Authenticity: See Below
Watermarks: Not included
Camera: Panasonic digital camera

Method: Handheld

Image Year: 2014

Special Editing: 2019

Photographer: Michael McBrayer

brand: Corner Stone Cowboy

mpn: Varpmapskphil441419scrtrimpst
condition: new
Status: Custom, Made to Order, Print on Demand

Production Time: 6-10 business days (time required to manufacture product).
Delivery Time: Variable depending on customer address. See "Shipping Details".


BIO: A weeping cherry tree is beginning to bloom in early April at a local historic cemetery. The flowering tree stands out against a collection of wispy cirrus clouds. These clouds form at very high altitudes and are made of ice crystals.


SCRIPTURE: All scripture used on my photo art is from a 1913 King James Bible that once belonged to my great, great uncle John.


ASPECT RATIO: The aspect ration for the 1st image above is 8x10 and 16x20. The 2nd image shows an 11x14 print. Aspect ratio samples for any of the available sizes not shown can be emailed upon request.


30x40 CLOSEUP:  The closeup shown here is smaller than the actual sample. A full size of the sample closeup can be emailed upon request.


CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY: A signed certificate is mailed separately at no charge for USA orders. The certificate is included at no charge for international orders. The 8.5” x 11” (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm) archival quality certificate is 24 lb. linen paper containing 25% cotton. USA customers please note that the certificate is mailed unfolded in a large envelope but is not protected from bending by the Post Office. 


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Colors shown on images are only approximations due to variations in item scanning and monitor settings. 


Inventory Code: NPL/PHT

Pink Weeping Cherry with Philippians 4 vs 4, Deluxe Trim Poster

SKU: Varpmapskphil441419scrpht
  • ASPECT RATIO: The relationship, or ratio, of an image’s width to the height.


    CROPPED: The edges of the original image are trimmed to a new aspect ratio. Sometimes significant areas of the original image can be lost.


    FULL VIEW: The un-cropped, un-resized original camera image aspect ratio.


    RESIZED: An editing program is used to digitally change the aspect ratio of the original camera image as required for various print sizes. No image is lost, but there can be some image distortion.